© 2018 by Steve White                                                                                                                           Privacy Statement



Your privacy is central to everything relating to counselling and psychotherapy, starting with this website.


By using this website, some personal information about you may be collected and held.  I want to ensure that you know how this is done and why.

The website collects cookies.  They are used only for analysis of numbers of people accessing the site.  Other information such as your internet IP address and approximate location may be stored when you access my website, though I do not use or share this information.

You may complete the Contact Form on this website.  This information is emailed to me and is held securely and confidentially within my website hosting account.  It is not shared with anyone without your consent or used for any marketing. It is held only to enable me to contact you, and is deleted within 3 months of being provided.  You can email me at any time to ask me to delete any information you have provided.

If you wish to meet via online video rather than face-to-face, you would access the Members' area of this website and complete an online questionnaire about the issues you wish to explore and the way you feel.  When submitted, this information is sent to a secure email server for me to review and is held securely and confidentially within my website hosting account.  The information is held for up to one year after being submitted or after the end of therapy, if later, and will not shared with anyone without your consent.

Further information about privacy, confidentiality and data protection is detailed in a Therapy Agreement that I would ask you to read and sign before starting therapy or is available on request before you provide any information other than your email address.

Please contact me if you have any questions about privacy relating to this website or any aspect of therapy.

phone/text: +44 (0)7732 048236                              email: steve@counsellinglancaster.co.uk

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