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Therapy via secure online video

For practical reasons, or by personal choice, you may prefer to meet for therapy via secure online video.   This may be helpful to you, for every therapy session or as a occasional alternative to meeting in person. 

My work online is based on the same principles as those underlying my face-to-face therapy.  I offer a caring and engaging presence, supporting you with empathy and respect to encourage and facilitate empowerment and growth.

To meet via online video, if we are not able to meet in person first, I would ask you to complete an online questionnaire about the issues you wish to explore in therapy.  This is an important part of an initial assessment process that I follow to ensure that I am working safely online.  To access the questionnaire located in the members-only section of this website, please contact me by phone, text or email, just to let me know that you wish to explore this further.

I am not able to offer online therapy if you are aged under 18, or if you are in crisis and need immediate or urgent support.  If I am unable to offer online therapy to you, I would try to assist you by offering a referral to alternative support.


Keeping sensitive information safe

Online security is important to me:


  • I use VSee online video because it offers secure communication, compliant with the standards used by medical professions to share personal health information.  If needed, I can provide help on how to download and install VSee.

  • I do not offer therapy by email, but I would ask you to share some initial information with me via an online questionnaire, which will automatically be sent to my secure email address.  I recommend that you do not send any personally sensitive information to me from an insecure email address or device.

  • My PC is protected by anti-virus and firewall software and any devices that you use for communicating about or during online therapy should be kept similarly safe.

Therapy in a safe place

When meeting via online video, I would want you to ensure that you are in a safe and confidential space, where you will not be overheard or interrupted.   I would recommend that you have your own, personal and secure access to a PC, laptop or tablet.

How much does online therapy cost?

My standard fee for each one-hour online therapy session is £50, payable in advance. 


Before starting online therapy, our first meeting via secure online video would form part of my initial clinical assessment and offers an opportunity for you to ask questions or discuss your concerns.  My fee for this initial meeting is £25, payable in advance.

phone/text: +44 (0)7732 048236                              email: steve@counsellinglancaster.co.uk

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